Saturday, April 29th, 2017

Michael D. Tanner discusses how Medicare meets the needs of many, but the costs are unsustainable.

Rep. Paul Ryan discusses how the government controls the health care “game” and is able to out-compete the private sector.

Michael Cannon discusses how the government has the ability to hide costs of a government health care program. Questions whether a government program can be self-sustaining.

Ed Crane discusses his concerns with the direction of the health care debate and suggests several reforms that would benefit consumers without government intervention.

Michael D. Tanner discusses the short term outcome of the Massachusetts experiment in health care reform and what it implies for a national plan.

Michael D. Tanner explains who will be writing the health care bills and the legislative process required to create final legislation.

Michael D. Tanner discusses how cancer treatment and detection would be affected by a government run health system.

Aaron Yelowitz discusses the impact of health care mandates on employers.

Michael F. Cannon discusses comparative-effectiveness research and the tradeoffs between using government appropriations to do the research vs. using private alternatives.

July 20, 2009: “Democrats Health Reform Plans Won’t Cut Costs” featuring Michael F. Cannon