Friday, April 28th, 2017

John Stossel on Health Care Reform


7/31/09  ABC 20/20 Takes on Health Care Reform: John Stossel of ABC 20/20 and Sally Pipes of Pacific Research Institute discuss the ramifications of shifting closer to a single payer, government run health care system.


2 Responses to “John Stossel on Health Care Reform”
  1. handsoffmyhealth says:

    I don’t want “health” insurance, esp not Medicare. I don’t want insurance to dictate my care and treatment and I will not take FDA approved drugs and do not want drug companies paying doctors and insurance plans to prescribe drugs. Any health problem I have ever had was the result of doctors under insurance regulations misdiagnosing or treating symptoms or automatically prescribing drugs after a 5 minute appointment. Insurance is not an appropriate vehicle for delivery of health care. I want to choose my treatment and my provider free of the influence of Drug companies (who for all practical purposes dictate the medical school education, control the FDA and pay doctors to prescribe drugs and treatments that are expensive and don’t work for the most part) and insurance companies. “health care insurance” is neither health care nor insurance. It increases costs across the board and interferes with health care delivery. Many studies show that it is profitable to encourage by “standards of care” chronic illnesses and therefore cessation of costs by death, than to prevent disease and encourage health (very much NOT profitable).
    I want unimpeded access to alternative, integrative, functional medicine practitioners, vitamins, supplements, organic foods, clean air and water, and true catastrophic hospitalization insurance which should cost no more than 20$ per month, put in an account and/or rebated or cost lowered if not used by me. There should be incentives to doctors to keep us well, not the obvious incentive to allow us to get sick or order lots of invasive expensive tests to make more money and pack ever more patients into an hour in order to make more money.
    Medicare is bankrupt, riddled with fraud and corruption and virtually useless to such as myself. How can it be a model for a public option, except proof that our government cannot and should not get involved.
    Insurance is for spreading risk-health insurance doesn’t spread risk, it increases the risk to the healthy, who end up paying for the poor lifestyle choices of others, who make up the bulk of chronic illnesses.
    I would like to see HSA’s not tied to insurance, with higher contribution limits, that can be spent by me for treatments of my choice. The government could fund a pool for the indigent, cheaper than “seeding” co-ops (dangerous that) that could be drawn on for basic health care. Rebates could be established through tax returns for the working poor, much like earned income credit, so that the working poor can get assistance in paying for basic health care. Reminder: basic health care IS NOT available through any insurance plan. Remove subsidies from insurance companies-they make enough money. Allow true competition in the market place-right now, the insurance lobbies have state regulations that result in price fixing for plans, and other corrupt practices that stack the deck against the “consumer”.
    Stop DTC advertising for FDA approved drugs and save Billions of dollars in drug costs.
    Allow low cost generic drugs to be manufactured by GMP supplement producers and save 100′s of BILLIONS of dollars.
    Repeal the Medicare Prescription Drug Act and save Medicare and $600 BILLION.
    Force the Dept of Health and Human Services (yes that Sebelius person who hasn’t a clue about business or health or insurance) to allow those who wish to, opt out of Medicare. Right now, recipients of SS benefits CANNOT opt out of Medicare Part A without giving up SS benefits, which is really stupid, because if only 1% opted out, it would save BILLIONS, not to mention absolutely illegal and unconstitutional to deny those who paid into SS and are entitled to benefits, to lose them because they don’t want to be subjected to the Medicare system.

    Leave me out of this stupidity. As currently debated and presented, it is most decidely NOT health care, Not insurance, NOT reform.

  2. handsoffmyhealth says:

    I’m okay with medical innovation and profits for same. I’m not against insurance company profits or even drug company profits. The US in effect subsidizes medical innovation for the world, but our citizens suffer poor medical care (not health care, crisis medical care). We are 21st in the world, behind Korea! in infant mortality and around 17th in life expectancy. Japan is best in infant mortality and 3rd in life expectancy. Sweden and Switzerland are in the top 3 of 1 or the other.

    That said, I am against Government run “health care insurance”. Medicare is proof positive that government run insurance plans do not work, cannot work at least in this country.
    I am against having insurance for health care. It is misnamed and misrepresented; not insurance, not health care. I am against insurance companies getting subsidies from government, and corrupt and price fixing regulations on the state and federal levels. I am against insurance companies dictating “standards of care” to doctors, limiting the time of office visits to 5-15 minutes, the type of treatments etc.
    I am against DTC advertising by drug companies, which raises drug costs exponentially (spending for DTC is in the billions), against the Medicare Prescription drug act which insures that the government and the medicare recipients pay full retail prices for drugs, which prices increased 100-1000% as soon as the legislation passed , against the drug lobby which passed that legislation to the detriment of the taxpayer, against drug companies paying doctors to prescribe drugs and/or for off label purposes, the control drug companies have over medical school education.
    We need a new health and wellness paradigm. The current medical model of disease and one size fits all treatment isn’t working, cannot work. There is no single cause of the majority of chronic illnesses we have today, which take most of our “health care” dollars, illnesses like diabetes, heart disease, asthma. These are lifestyle diseases and only prevention, and lifestyle changes are going to make a difference. Insurance, drugs and the current medical model only exacerbate the “health care crisis”. Insurance, especially government run or subsidized (Medicare, Medicaid, co-ops) will be more of the same that got us to this point.
    True reform will involve a new way of thinking about health and wellness, a move away from dependency on drugs and insurance, and incentives for doctors to help people stay and be well, not to find abnormalities so they can get paid, and incentives for people to stay and get well.
    I don’t want to pay for insurance-I will not use insurance as currently structured nor go to doctors who abide by insurance regulations, which are not tailored for me. I want to choose my own care givers, participate in my health and treatments, get true prevention and prediction; I want my care to be patient centered and personalized. There is no FDA approved drug I can or will take; the approval process is flawed at best and corrupt and fraudulent for sure. I want no one, not even doctors, especially not insurers or drug companies, telling me what to do about my health, I especially do not want the government dictating to me and forcing me to pay for or use something I don’t want. (current “regulations” being enforced by the Dept of Health and human services will deny SS payments to anyone trying to opt out of Medicare).
    Restore constitutional government, repeal the Medicare Prescription drug act, “incentivize” doctors and patients to stay well, put profit in wellness, not illness. That is the only reform. What is before Congress is worse than useless-it is more of the same and will worsen the “crisis”