Friday, April 28th, 2017

Sample Letter to Friends


Dear Friends and Family,

Did you know that the only way to opt out of Medicare Part A (Hospital Insurance) is to forgo your Social Security benefits?  Enrolling in Social Security forces you to be automatically enrolled in Medicare.  If this bothers you, then you will be glad to hear about the Medicare Lawsuit.

Strong legal case:

  • Plaintiffs are being denied a fundamental right to determine their own health care or their property interest in their Social Security in violation of the due process clause of the Fifth Amendment.
  • The policy was put in place by unelected bureaucrats during both Democrat and Republican administrations   (violating Congress’s exclusive power to legislate).
  • The policy was instituted without following the required procedure which includes putting proposed regulations out for public comment.
  • Semantically, the word “entitlement” is not defined as “requirement” so retirees should have the option of declining the Medicare Part A benefit.
  • The five co-plaintiffs exhausted all other avenues of remedy before engaging in a lawsuit.

Benefits if they win:

  • Freedom to choose your doctor and health plan without forfeiting your Social Security benefits; freedom to make your own medical decisions without government rationing of care; freedom to keep a health plan you are satisfied with; and, freedom to keep your medical history private.
  • A decision stating that an individual has the right to select their insurance carrier could set an important legal precedence that works to undermine single-payer insurance.

There is no better timethan the present for this case to be working its way through the courts.  This has the same potential significance as the recent Kelo and Heller cases have had regarding individual property rights and individual gun rights respectively.

Fighting the Federal Government is not cheap, nor is it for the faint hearted.  The people at The Fund for Personal Liberty are helping the co-plaintiffs raise funds to see this lawsuit to completion.  Legal fees and costs for the Medicare Lawsuit have outpaced contributions and the next step in the legal process will cost $40,000 – $100,000.  They need the help of many concerned citizens to press ahead with this case.

Please help support this worthy cause by visiting The Fund for Personal Liberty website, subscribing to their updates, reading more, and contributing.



P.S.  They are also collecting stories of government interference in your health freedom.

The Fund for Personal Liberty

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  • Corporate Address of Record: c/o Webster, Chamberlain & Bean * 1747 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Suite 1000 * Washington, DC 20006

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