Saturday, April 29th, 2017

Mention in Christian Science Monitor


The Medicare Lawsuit is mentioned in the Christian Science Monitor, October 13, 2009:

Senate Finance Committee bill’s soft spot: health care insurance mandate- Americans must be aware of how mandates might impinge on their choices – and how vulnerable Obama’s plan might be to court challenge.

One example of government becoming more coercive in health matters is a requirement, begun under President Clinton, that seniors who sign up for Social Security must also sign up for Medicare (Part A) – or else they cannot receive their Social Security savings.

This month, a judge in a federal court case brought by seniors who don’t want Medicare cited little basis for this rule, which compels a linkage between two optional entitlement programs. She allowed the suit to proceed. Obama, in a reflection of his new-found favoritism toward mandates, wants to keep the requirement and his administration is battling the suit in court.

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