Friday, April 28th, 2017

2/11/2011 Plaintiffs File Final Brief


Plaintiffs have filed their final brief in the US District court of Washington, DC, in the case known as the “Medicare Lawsuit” (Hall v. Sebelius Civil Action NO. 1:08-cv-01715-RMC).

The Department of Justice, defending the Department of Health and Human Services, has made every effort to stall, derail, and sidetrack an effort by five citizens to regain the freedom to choose their health insurance after they start collecting Social Security.  In 1993, HHS made a change to the manual used to administer Social Security and Medicare that forces Social Security recipients to enroll in Medicare, Part A, or forgo their Social Security benefits.  The change is contrary to the statutes signed into law, is an example of bureaucratic overreach, and amounted to a “taking” on the part of the government.

The plaintiffs have exhibited incredible patience over the past 29 months as they survived one attempt after another by the government to thwart their lawsuit.  Thank you Brian Hall, Norm Rogers, Lew Randall, John Kraus, and Richard Armey, for taking a stand for freedom.  A thanks also goes to our legal team of Kent Masterson Brown and Frank Northam who have responded to the government’s use of legal tactics to delay the restoration of freedom.

The next step in this lawsuit will be determined when Judge Collyer renders her decision.




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