Thursday, May 25th, 2017

3/23/2012 Petition for Rehearing “en banc”


Kent Masterson Brown filed the Petition for Rehearing and Suggestion for Rehearing En Banc yesterday.  Mr. Brown wrote,

Already, the United States Court of Appeals, on its own motion, has directed the Government fifteen days within which to file a response.  This is the first indication the Court may well grant our Motion for a Rehearing En Banc.  Generally, no responses are ordered to be filed.  That the Court has done so – and less than eighteen hours after the Petition was filed – indicates a strong interest in the matter.

This lawsuit continues to demonstrate the difficulty ordinary citizens have in challenging bureaucratic overreach.  It was in 1993 that bureaucrats changed the procedure manual used to administer Social Security and Medicare benefits.  The changes that force retirees to enroll in Medicare as a condition of receiving Social Security Retirement Benefits, were made without reference to the statutes, nor with public comment.  Since then they have had the force of law.

It took 15 years to muster the attorneys, plaintiffs, and funds to pursue this case.  October 9, six months from now, will mark the four year anniversary of filing the lawsuit in the United State District Court, District of Columbia.

We thank everyone for your continued interest and support.  Please consider making a donation to help move this case forward.  DONATE HERE

Text of the Petition for Rehearing:


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