Saturday, April 29th, 2017

8/24/2012 We Petitioned the Supreme Court


Friends, It’s Go Time!

Petition to the Supreme Court of the United States went into the mail to be delivered Monday! This is what we’ve been working toward! We have always known that the fight for health freedom would go to the SCOTUS. Strangely, the government, financially insolvent, has fought us tooth and nail.

We are fighting for people like Leigh, a woman who only uses “natural” medicines to manage her health concerns. She does not want to be enrolled in Medicare as a condition of receiving Social Security. She wants to collaborate privately with her health care providers without interference in treatment plans, payment structures, or the possibility of a breach of confidentiality by the government. Today, if Leigh wants to receive an estimated $250,000 in lifetime Social Security benefits, she is forced to enroll in Medicare. That’s right, to avoid Medicare, Leigh and any other retiree must give up about $250,000 in benefits to which they are entitled.


Imagine our delight when Richard Epstein, a prominent law professor (Wikipedia-Richard_Epstein), joined to work with Kent Masterson Brown and Frank Northam who have been on the case since 2008. Epstein has brought a fresh perspective to the case, and we believe it’s a perspective that makes it doubly compelling to the SCOTUS.

The full text of the Petition to the Supreme Court and the complete Timeline with Documents.

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Thank you, and may you enjoy good health.

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