Thursday, May 25th, 2017


The plaintiffs in Hall v. Sebelius have received strong support from a number of prominent individuals, organizations and commentators – across the political spectrum. Here are some of their comments:

“The suit itself has strong legal merit. Not only have two Administrations implemented policy that has no root in the applicable laws, their ‘rules’ are no rules at all. Neither Administration bothered to put its extraordinary policies through an official rule-making in which they would have been required to notify the public and invite comments.”
- Editorial, Wall Street Journal

“Let’s hope the lawsuit … succeeds. If not, Congress should step in and fix this silly rule.”
- Editorial, Las Vegas Review Journal

“Yet bureaucrats dictate that seniors give up control of their health care or give up Social Security altogether. A lawsuit to stop that is worth pursuing.”
- Editorial, San Diego Union-Tribune

“This is a denial of individual constitutional liberty, pure and simple.   It is authoritarianism. It is outrageous. And the Bush administration, like the Clinton administration before it, is deliberately and unforgivably undermining several major foundations of the American republic.”
- Quin Hillyer, Associate Editor and Columnist, Washington Examiner

“It is hard to know whether to file the following true story under the category of ‘No good deed goes unpunished’ or ‘Government is the problem, not the solution.’”
- Editorial, Chattanooga Times Free Press

“… what better way to reduce Medicare costs than by allowing seniors to opt out and use their own money to pay for their health care. There has never been a better definition of a ‘no brainer.’”
- Editorial, Washington Times

“Everything that is wrong with Washington can be found right here. The rules are arbitrary, discriminatory, punitive and improper, and the process by which the Social Security Administration and the Department of Health and Human Services implemented the rules was equally improper.”
- Jim Martin, President, 60 Plus Association

“To be clear, nobody is suggesting here that people should be able to opt out of paying their Medicare taxes. But some senior citizens who have paid their taxes want to voluntarily relinquish their benefits in order to avoid the red tape and rationing they say Medicare entails. How can anybody with any sense object to that?”
- Editorial, Washington Examiner

“It’s sad that people who want to make their own health care decisions feel like they have no other option than to sue the federal government.”
- U.S. Rep. Sam Johnson (3rd District, Texas)

“Can you imagine the government forcing you to take benefits you didn’t want? How about a situation where you’d have to /sue/ the government to get out of taking those benefits? Welcome to Washington – and the upside-down logic behind federal entitlements.”
- Ed Feulner, President, The Heritage Foundation

“Sounds like someone understands what that $85 bazillion in unfunded liability is all about.”
- Bob Vineyard, InsureBlog

“So insistent is Washington that all seniors enroll in the financially ailing government program that Social Security Administration officials have said that anyone who refuses will be denied their Social Security benefits. This is an outrage.”
-  Singer/Songwriter, Pat Boone

“Government officials have no authority to strip seniors of the retirement benefits to which they are legally entitled simply because those seniors want the freedom to manage their own health care. Hopefully the courts will end this abuse.”
-  Sue Blevins, President of the Institute for Health Freedom and Author of Medicare’s Midlife Crisis

“Ultimately, the government is likely to lose the larger case. This practice of requiring Medicare enrollment for people receiving Social Security is not a law. Rather it is a bureaucratic edict, written during the Clinton administration and strengthened during the Bush administration, adopted without going through the procedures required for new regulations.”
- Greg Scandlen, CEO, Consumers for Health Care Choices and Senior Fellow, Heartland Institute