Saturday, April 29th, 2017

Washington, DC – Attorneys for Brian Hall and his co-plaintiffs filed the final document in the US Court of Appeals in Washington, DC, today. The response to the governments’ arguments makes it clear that Medicare is an “entitlement” and not a “mandate.” As such, retirees should not be forced into Medicare as a condition of [...]

Washington, DC – The plaintiffs in Hall v. Sebelius, the “Medicare Lawsuit” filed their appeal after a surprising loss in the Washington, DC Us District Court. The Medicare lawsuit challenges the guidelines published in the procedure manual used to administer Social Security and Medicare entitlements. The current procedure forces retirees who receive Social Security Retirement [...]

Today Senator DeMint introduced a new bill, the Retirement Freedom Act, which would decouple Social Security from Medicare and allow those entitled to Medicare to enroll and disenroll without pentalty.  Their press release:

June 16, 2011, marks the third anniversary of our founding. Since 2008 the Medicare Lawsuit has been our focus through which we are fighting to restore your right to opt out of Medicare Hospital Insurance without foregoing your Social Security benefits. Court of Appeals Update We have been notified that we must file our first Court of [...]

Indirect mention of the Medicare Lawsuit by Thomas Sowell …

Quin Hillyer of The Washington Times wrote an excellent editorial, “HILLYER: Medicare at the point of a gun – Judge shoots legal and logical blanks” which was published April 1, 2011. Federal judges disagree with each other all the time. However, it is rare for a judge to disagree utterly with herself and rarer still [...]

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We have long believed that the Medicare Lawsuit ranks among the most important in the country right now.  Our freedom to choose the manner in which we manage our health is something we expect and take for granted in a free country.  The unfortunate opinion rendered last week has stirred up a lot of positive [...]

CIVIL NOTICE OF APPEAL Notice is hereby given this 22nd day of March, 2011, that Plaintiffs, Brian Hall, Lewis Randall, Norman Rogers, John Kraus and Richard K. Armey, hereby appeal to the Untied States Court of Appeals for the district of Columbia Circuit from the Judgment and Order of this court entered on the 16th [...]

PRESS RELEASE For Immediate ReleaseMarch 21, 2011 Contact:Jennifer Berkowitz, (828) 687-2633 or   FEDERAL DISTRICT COURT JUDGE RULES ALL SENIORS RECEIVINGSOCIAL SECURITY MUST PARTICIPATE IN MEDICARE PART A ORFORFEIT PAST AND FUTURE RETIREMENT BENEFITS Plaintiffs Announce Intent to Appeal; Case Highlights Extent of Bureaucratic Overreach in Healthcare Washington, DC – A federal District Court judge [...]