Thursday, May 25th, 2017

Ernest Hancock of Freedom’s Phoenix in Phoenix, AZ hosted Martha de Forest on his radio show to learn more about the Medicare Lawsuit. Audio: 3/15/2010 Radio – Freedom’s Phoenix with Ernest Hancock, Guest: Martha de Forest

Michael F. Cannon discusses the consequences of creating a fixed health insurance premium and its effect on healthy vs. unhealthy people.

Michael D. Tanner discusses the advantages of taking time crafting health care reform. There are many proposals on the table and this issue deals with 1/6 of the US economy.

Michael F. Cannon explains the difference between healthcare costs and expenditures.

Sally Pipes of the Pacific Research Institute shares her firsthand experiences with Canadian healthcare and suggests how we may avoid some of Canada’s mistakes.

Michael D. Tanner discusses health care reform ideas that would increase choice and competition. Ideas include allowing consumers to purchase insurance across state lines and offering the same tax breaks for individuals as corporations for purchasing insurance.

David A. Hyman discusses how true Medicare administrative overhead is obscured and the difficulty in comparing the full costs of government insurance with private insurance.

Rep. Paul Ryan gives clear ideas on how to reform Medicaid and Medicare.

Michael D. Tanner discusses how Medicare meets the needs of many, but the costs are unsustainable.

Rep. Paul Ryan discusses how the government controls the health care “game” and is able to out-compete the private sector.