Friday, April 28th, 2017

Medicare Lawsuit Co-Plaintiff Dick Armey Discusses The Medicare Lawsuit The Medicare Lawsuit seeks to restore a freedom to retirees that others take for granted; the right to say, “No Thank you” to Medicare. Dick Armey, past Leader of the House of Representatives, is a co-plaintiff to the Medicare Lawsuit. He sat down with Beth Powersof [...]

Our Medicare Lawsuit seeks to right a wrong created by government bureaucrats. In 1993 the Social Security Procedure Manual was changed in a way that forces retirees to participate in Medicare, Part A, as a condition of receiving their Social Security benefits. This is so outrageous and unbelievable, that the pertinent links to the government [...]

Thank you, everyone, for your continuing support and interest in Hall v. Sebelius, the Medicare Lawsuit. On June 14, 2010, our final brief will be filed with the US District Court of Washington, DC, after which, Judge Rosemary Collyer will schedule oral arguments and then render a decision on the issue of whether one may [...]

Kent Masterson Brown and Frank Northam have re-filed the Motion for Summary Judgment in the Hall v. Sebelius.  The new document can be found in our timeline (“* Timeline” in right hand column) or may be linked to directly below:     5/3/10 Revised Motion for Summary Judgment The government is ordered to respond to the [...]

The status conference opened with Judge Collyer considering the government’s Motion for Discovery (further investigation) of items contained in our complaint.  Kent Masterson Brown recounted: The government’s counsel responded by stating that he believed discovery was in order because the Government needed to determine whether the decisions of the Plaintiffs not to accept Medicare, Part A, [...]

Judge Rosemary Collyer denied the government’s Motion to Reconsider the Motion to Dismiss the Medicare Lawsuit.   Defendants Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary, Department of Health and Human Services, and Michael J. Astrue, Commissioner of the Social Security Administration, ask the Court to reconsider its denial of their motion to dismiss. [...] Plaintiffs Brian Hall, John J. Kraus, [...]

PRESS RELEASE For Immediate Release September 30, 2009 Contact: Sonia Blumstein, 205.620.2087 or   JUDGE CLEARS WAY TO VOID RULES MANDATING ENROLLMENT IN MEDICARE, PART A, AS A CONDITION OF RECEIVING SOCIAL SECURITY RETIREMENT BENEFITS  Motion to Dismiss Denied; Summary Judgment Pending WASHINGTON, DC—In an opinion handed down on September 29, Judge Rosemary Collyer [...]

We have just received notice from the U.S. District Court of the entry of a Memorandum Opinion by Judge Collyer in our case. The bottom line of the Opinion is this: the Court denied the Government’s Motion to Dismiss Plaintiffs Hall, Kraus and Armey because the three Plaintiffs had actually applied for Social Security and been forced [...]